Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bourne Generation

We are a generation that has forgotten our past... however we have the ability to attack, defend and use martial arts. And we are looking for our love.

The Bourne Generation follows a group of 20-somethings as they gradually try to figure out what the fuck is going on their lives.

Purchase a copy of the Bourne Generation at your nearest grocery store. Or just wait for Matt Damon to play it.

I like this. We as a generation are a large groups of Jason Bourne's... cut throat killers, but we tend to forget about it so we can go play video games.

Generation: The Next

This is a great name for our generation because while we may not have been the original, we are better in almost every single way: our makeup is better, the story archs are better, the acting is better and we have Patrick Stewart.

That being said, if we call our selves that our kids have to be Generation Deep Space Nine and I will have to disown them.

Generation "Why"

Our generation is full of people asking questions. Why does this happen, why can't we treat each other equally, why can't we just blow into a Nintendo Wii to make it work like we could in the old days. Generation Why successfully demonstrates to others our curiosity, our scientific nature and our ability to solve questions by listening.

But more importantly this is a great name for our generation because it's ironic.

My generation loves irony. Like a fat kids loves diet coke... completely ironically.

Why I hate "Generation Y"

Generation Y is a stupid name. Just a stupid stupid name.

First off, basically it just means: "Oh yeah... you guys... yeah you came after Generation X. You know what comes after X in the alphabet? Y does. We like the alphabet."

I'm sure that's verbatim what was said when Generation Y was named.

Also, it's fairly clear to me that someone from Generation X named our generation and wanted to lord their superiority over us. This is unacceptable. This is OUR generation, and we should be able to name ourselves whatever the fuck we want? If we want to be called "Generation 'Fuck Generation X'" we should be able to call ourselves that.

So this blog is dedicated to coming up with better names than Generation Y. I refuse to be named after a variable. Especially such a stupid one as Y. Let's at least be Z.